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Images on this page:
Above: AF2078
Penn Museum Photo Studio.

Below: Benin Children. 1996.

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     The Exhibition The Objects (98 objects in six sections)
                   The Sections:
        Sets & Backdrops (27 objects)
                     Players, Props & Costumes (30 objects)
        Scripts (11 objects)
                     Intermission (8 objects)
                     Playing the Provinces (8 objects)
                     Revivals (14 objects)
     The Installation and Opening
     The Collection a History
     Object List and Reconstruction Drawings

                Podcasts Interviews & Tours

        Videos Footage From the Field
                   Ugie Ewere
     Ugie Emobo
     Ugie Iron
Ugie Erhoba                      
                Culture - Life in Benin
     3D Palace A Virtual Visit
                   do Names & Their Meanings
                   do Proverbs
                   Looking at Benin Art
        How to Read a Tusk
        How to Read a Plaque
                   Preparing for the Palace
        Benin Palace Visitors
                     Benin Chiefs Participating in Palace Ceremonies
                   Traveling to Benin
        How to Get to Nigeria
        How to Get to Benin City
     Food and Cooking in Benin (PDF)

                Fun - Diversions for Children & Adults
        Iyare! Wallpaper for Your Computer
        Coloring Book Pages
        How to Play Ise
        Paper Dolls (coming soon)

                Market Iyare! Products

                Resources - The Palace School
        Map of Benin and Adjacent Areas
        Benin Kingdom Timeline (PDF)
                     Primary Sources & Historical Accounts
                     Guide to Connoisseurship (PDF)
        Suggested Readings - Print Resources (PDF)
                     Doors to Learning - Lesson Plan Inspirations
          Lesson Plan Links
        Web Links - Select Internet Sources
        Glossary (PDF)               

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