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 Select Internet Sources

Massive amounts of information about Benin are available on the Internet. This series of links is limited in number. Those searching for further information should be aware that general searches for Benin will result not only in information about Nigeria's Benin Kingdom, but about the West African nation the Republic of Benin, a quite-different entity. If the source is written in French or mentions Dahomey or the Fon, it is likely referring to the country that named itself after the kingdom, so exercise caution in researching. The links below all refer to the kingdom or related material. 

Ẹdo news, culture and history

http://nigerianobservernews. com/
Benin City and Ẹdo State’s online newspaper

Online Ẹdo television

Ẹdo State official website

http://www.edo-nation.net/toc. htm
This rich Ẹdo-created site includes articles and features on diverse topics—historical, cultural, political, and religious. A must-see.

http://www. binicommunityberlin.org/index. html
Useful site that includes many analyses, links to Nigerian newspapers, and covers all the peoples of the former Bendel State. A must-see.

A strong advocate of Ẹdo language. Links to its different facets are at the top of the page.

http://www.greatbenin.org/ igodo.html
Benin City’s Institute for Benin Studies

http://www.raceandhistory.com/ historicalviews/edoofbenin.htm
An overview of the Ẹdo

http://www. binicommunityberlin.org/index. html
Ẹdo community in Berlin. Under “Publications,” an interesting article about the Ẹdo language.

http://csweb.bournemouth.ac. uk/africanlegacy/benin_Iya_ earthworks.htm
Archaeologist Dr. Philip Darling’s site, discussing the Benin/Ishan iya, or earthworks system of encircling towns.

http://www.cgore.dircon.co.uk/ a1a.htm
An extensive Benin bibliography here.

Obadan town within the Benin kingdom

http://wysinger.homestead.com/ beninwarriors.html
A look at the Benin Kingdom’s military in past centuries

http://deposit.ddb.de/cgi-bin/ dokserv?idn=964084686&dok_var= d1&dok_ext=pdf&filename= 964084686.pdf
A complete thesis on Benin’s military of the past

http://books.google.com/books? id=9kcCZIdxXpsC&printsec= frontcover&dq=ling+roth&lr=& ei=DTIUScbsN4qEywTK2M2tAg
Sections of H. Ling Roth’s Great Benin [1903] viewable online through Google Books 

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Ẹdo art, past and present

http://www.khm.at/system2E. html?/staticE/page3586.html
Website of the largest, most complete Benin exhibition ever held

http://www.artsmia.org/world- myths/viewallart/tusk_ background.html
Analysis of a tusk at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

http://www.lagosian.com/blog_ detail.php?blog_id=39
Remembering artist Ben Osawe

http://www.absolutearts.com/ artsnews/2006/11/02/34216.html
London-based conceptual artist Leo Asemota

Leo Asemota’s official website; be sure to click links

http://www.iduborartsgallery. net/aboutus.htm
Idubor Arts Gallery in Benin City

http://www.prm.ox.ac.uk/benin. html
Benin art at the Pitt-Rivers Museum

http://www.dia.org/ collections/aonwc/africanart/ beninkings.html
Benin art at the Detroit Institute of Arts

http://edsitement.neh.gov/ view_lesson_plan.asp?id=412
Benin art lesson plan

http://books.google.com/books? hl=en&id=lk49AAAAMAAJ&dq= benin+art&printsec=frontcover& source=web&ots=cc_YnD-bI4&sig= o4cyLiYFec6sdc0IG-aWtVakEI4& sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=9& ct=result#PPP1,M1
Google books has all of Read & Dalton’s Antique Works of Art from Benin [1900]—the early catalogue of the (then much smaller) British Museum catalogue online here

http://www.thenationonlineng. com/dynamicpage.asp?id=67740
The first multi-storied building in Benin City  

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Benin in the colonial period

http://www.sacred-texts.com/ afr/mind/index.htm
A colonialist’s book—R.E. Dennett’s At the Back of the Black Man’s Mind  [1906]—reprinted in its entirety. While full of many misinterpretations and dated ideas, it includes nuggets of useful information on Benin and on the Kongo people as well. 

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Benin’s neighbors

http://www.metmuseum.org/TOAH/ hd/beni_1/hd_beni_1.htm
An examination of Benin art in relationship to that of its Ijebu and Owo Yoruba neighbors

http://www.itsekiri.org/files/ home/home.php
Itsekiri site. Includes music!

A strong association from a Western Igbo town. Includes video.

http://www.asabausa.com/pages. php?D=13
Western Igbo town association

General association for the Western Igbo

http://www.ijebuassociation. org/
The Ijebu Yoruba

A very full Urhobo site; explore its internal links. 

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http://www.modernghana.com/ news/164955/1/once-in-the- british-museum-always-in-the- british-m.mgl

http://www.modernghana.com/ newsp/187229/1/pageNum1/ dissatisfaction-with-lack-of- progress-in-restituti.html

http://www.modernghana.com/ newsp/187196/1/pageNum1/will- britain-join-other-nations-in- returning-stole.html

http://www.modernghana.com/ newsp/186630/1/pageNum1/shall- we-learn-from-zahi-hawass-on- how-to-recover-.html

http://www.modernghana.com/ newsp/184756/1/pageNum1/ten- essential-points-on-the- continued-detention-of.html

http://www.modernghana.com/ newsp/185990/1/pageNum1/more- demands-for-the-restitution- of-stolenlooted-b.html

http://www.modernghana.com/ newsp/182279/1/pageNum1/ berlin-plea-for-the-return-of- nigerias-cultural-ob.html

http://www.modernghana.com/ newsp/178452/1/pageNum1/ safeguarding-nigerias- cultural-treasures.html

http://www.modernghana.com/ newsp/175488/1/pageNum1/news- from-nigeria-on-the-recovery- of-the-stolen-be.html

http://www.modernghana.com/ newsp/160914/1/pageNum1/ nefertiti-idia-and-other- african-icons-in-european.html

Numerous articulate and well-argued articles regarding repatriation from Ghanaian scholar Dr. Kwame Opoku. For additional examples, as well as forthcoming ones that may post-date this website, be sure to check “View all articles by author” on the sidebar.

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American Links

http://www.pbs.org/newshour/ extra/teachers/lessonplans/ art/bearden_10-23.html
Curriculum exercise on Romare Bearden

Official website of the Africobra movement

http://cnylink.com/cnynews/ view_news.php?news_id= tV1201191767t4798bb578f293
An Africobra exhibition that featured James Phillips

https://coral.uchicago.edu: 8443/display/chicago68/ AfriCobra
Brief look at Africobra, including James Phillips 

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